6 Simple Things You Can Do to Relieve Stress (including a mattress upgrade)

6 Simple Things You Can Do to Relieve Stress (including a mattress upgrade)

Stress is the human response to changes in the environment or challenging situations. To most people, the word stress has a negative connotation. However, stress has its positive side. Stress brings innovation and helps you accomplish tasks that appear difficult or impossible. However, too much stress is harmful, especially when one does not have coping mechanisms. You need to develop a coping mechanism to benefit from the positive side of stress. Fortunately, there are numerous ways of coping with stress, such as a mattress upgrade or exercise. As Alexander Pope puts it, the strength of mind is exercise, not rest. You do not have to look for sophisticated methods of coping with stress. Continue reading to get some simple and effective ways of managing stress.

1.  Physical Exercises

From the words of Alexander Pope, individuals can ease mental and physical stress with regular physical exercises. Medical experts also assert that physical workouts improve blood circulation and release feel-good hormones like endorphins. Regular exercise is not only good for the heart but also for the mind, which makes it a good stress coping mechanism.  

As you read in the introduction, stress is mostly a mental reaction to change or intimidating issues. It can also come from physical tension. Both types of stress may lead to a sedentary life. When you are stressed, physical exercises appear like additional work. It would be hard to start a workout session from that perspective.

However, the intimidating aspect of workout sessions disappears when one begins to enjoy the exercise and derive mental and physical relaxation. That means you cannot reap the benefits of physical workouts if you do not take the bold step.

In addition, physical exercises do not have to be as intimidating as bodybuilding or preparing for the Olympics. Simple aerobic exercises like taking a walk are just fine. The aim here is not to prepare for a marathon competition but to relieve stress and keep fit. You can start small and progress as your body adjusts to the demand of different workout sessions.

2.  Breathe Easy

Shallow breathing can cause stress. No wonder it is common to hear people use the phrase “take a deep breath and relax.” To most people, this is an overused phrase founded on myths. However, there is some truth in it. People who practice relaxation techniques like yoga relieve stress through this breathing technique. Taking a deep breath oxygenates the blood and helps clear the mind.

The good thing about this relaxation method is you do not need specialized equipment. You only need to spare three to five minutes to ease your mind through the technique. While on your office chair, you can sit up with your feet flat on the floor and your hands on the knees. From this posture, breathe in slowly as you concentrate on nothing but the expansion of your lungs.

3.  Talk it Out

Most people find relief in sharing stressful issues with their trusted friends. Talking and verbalizing negative emotions have been used to treat stress and anxiety for centuries. The benefits of talking to a friend about stressing issues created the counseling career. A stressed individual finds help by talking to a counselor. It is important to note that one gets help from a counselor by speaking out about the issues that have been disturbing them.

You do not need a counselor every time you are stressed. Sharing stressing issues with a trusted friend is equally effective. A reassuring voice may be all that is a need in most stressful situations. However, one needs to exercise caution as not all friends can help. Classify your friends according to the level of healthy disclosures in the relationship.

For those who may not trust their friends, writing down what is stressing them can also help. Just pick a pen and paper and write down what is disturbing you. The aim here is to bring out the stressful emotions in writing or verbally.

4.  Laugh it Off

Laughter helps to release endorphins: a feel-good hormone that uplifts the mood of a stressed person. Laughter also tricks the nervous system to make one happy. You can watch a comedy or a funny movie or interact with friends that make you laugh. Any activity that triggers laughter can help in reducing stress.

5.  Eat Well

Regular balanced meals can help you cope with stress. However, when most people are stressed, they tend to crave sugary and fatty foods, which only worsens the situation. To avoid overindulging in unhealthy snacks, one should have plenty of fruits or other healthy appetizers. Foods rich in omega-3 also have stress-reducing capabilities.

6.  Upgrade Your Mattress

Sleep deprivation can lead to a higher level of stress, anxiety, and depression. One needs at least eight hours of sleep daily to cope with stress and other mental conditions. However, most people find it hard to get an 8-hour sleep daily. That means stress in most people is caused or aggravated by inadequate sleep. If you are currently going through chronic stress, it may be time for a mattress upgrade.

You can overcome the inability to fall asleep and enjoy at least eight hours of uninterrupted sleep by getting the right mattress. In addition, you may also have to reduce caffeine intake, especially before bedtime. You can also avoid electronics like TV and smartphones to improve the quality of your sleep.

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As if that is not enough, we customize the mattresses to meet your unique needs. Say goodbye to stressful mornings by investing in a quality mattress. Also, remember to exercise regularly, check your diet, laugh, talk and breathe easily to relieve stress.

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