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About Juna

At the heart of Juna lies a commitment to four guiding principles that inform every decision we make.


For us, service isn’t a department—it’s a philosophy. We aim to treat every customer like a cherished family member, offering assistance not out of obligation but out of genuine concern. Our “Lifetime Comfort Commitment” is more than a promise; it’s a comprehensive service program designed to meet any customer need for as long as you own our products. There are no service call charges, no hidden fees—just unparalleled dedication that turns customers into advocates.
JUNA Service


In a world overrun by throwaway furniture and products with short lifespans where the warranties are Not worth the paper they are printed on. We bring you Juna products designed to stand the test of time. Each Juna-related product results from rigorous testing, scientific analysis, and an intimate understanding of every component involved. While our warranties may state 18 years, our top-tier Juna mattresses are built to last DECADES, exceeding 20 or even 30 years. The credo of Juna is simple to “under promise and over deliver with a WOW factor.” Our warranties are straightforward devoid of loopholes, setting us apart as a brand that upholds ahigherstandard than the rest of the industry.


Our workplace thrives on joy and unity. You’ll find smiles and laughter as integral to our daily operations. We believe that a happy team is a productive one, and that care for each other translates into superior customer care. We’re not just co-workers; we’re a chosen family united by a common goal: to prioritize our customers in every way possible.
Juna community

Community Engagement

We’re not just in the community; we’re part of it. Before we even consider opening a new store, we assess the character and values of the local community. We look for neighborhoods where kindness is the norm and smiles are contagious. Once we become part of a community, we give back through sponsorships of children’s activities and local non-profits. Our aspiration is that each Juna store serves as a catalyst for positive change, enriching the community it joins.

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