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The way we looked at our company, we did not want to build a culture that was all about profit. So we looked at programs that work and created a program like it. The One Thing Program was what we saw through a local church, Embrace Church in Sioux Falls, SD. They took it upon themselves to work together in providing programs to the community. We decided to do the exact same thing. 

We also started a Juna Hand Up Program which is modeled after Teen Challenge. Here we wanted to provide work to those that were considered unemployable. We help those that want to help themselves, and give them a hand up not a hand out. We provide mentor-ships through the work of building quality mattresses. Every mattress is quality checked before it is sent out by a senior staff member. 

The Juna Mattress only uses foams that are bio-friendly or organic. Our beds are meant to last a lifetime. We made every part of our sleep system replaceable, so when a part of the bed fails (more than 12 years from now) we will buy back the old layer and turn it into carpet padding, then donate it to Habitat for Humanity. Meanwhile you get a new cutting edge foam for just the cost of that one part, never needing to buy a whole new mattress ever again.