20 million mattresses are thrown out each year. Why? Unfortunately, most mattresses are designed to fail, using cheap materials that ultimately compromise your comfort and typically last an average of three to seven years. For many customers, this is incredibly frustrating, especially considering that the average cost of a mattress is around $2000. So let’s dig into what causes mattresses to stop feeling like they did on the showroom floor.

What causes the mattresses to fail?

The answer is hidden in the part of the mattress that so many people equate to luxury… the pillow top. Many mattresses are built with a quilted top composed of low quality materials, specifically polyethylene foam and fiber fill… incredibly cheap materials that increase the profit margin on the mattress. These low quality products feel great on the showroom floor but quickly break down with normal use.

When these materials start to fail, customers experience what is often referred to as “sag.” Body impressions and sag occur when a person’s weight stays concentrated on the same place for long periods of time, which causes the cheaper materials to dissipate and break down. As the mattress continues to fail, people have the experience of sinking deeper and deeper into their mattress. This sag is not just uncomfortable but can lead to sleep loss, poor sleep quality, and neck, shoulder, and back pain.

How does Juna do it different?

Because these cheap materials so severely compromise quality of sleep, we use nothing but the highest quality foams in the industry to build our mattresses. Sleep is so important to quality of life, and we believe that everyone deserves a high quality mattress that will stand the test of time… and at an affordable price. By cutting out the middle man and shipping our mattresses direct to the customer from our factory located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, we can cut out the inflated pricing and give each customer our favorite gift… a good night’s sleep!

Making the mattress last

We wanted to go a step further with our mattresses, so we developed a mattress that is easy to update over time… in less than five minutes. We are real about our mattresses… using high quality foams doesn’t change the fact that your weight is still concentrated for (hopefully) 8 hours each night, and that body secretions like sweat can cause even the best quality foams to break down.

Because of this, we designed our mattress so you can replace a layer of foam if it does happen to break down. It’s the same concept as getting a new tire for your car… you don’t buy a new car when the tire goes flat… you just replace the part that is damaged. So if you do notice that your Juna Mattress starts to experience sag, it can easily be fixed for the cost of the layer of foam that needs replacing. The best part? Once we ship a new layer of foam right to your door, you can have your mattress as good as new in less than five minutes. Simply zip off the cover, remove the failed layer of foam and replace with the new layer, and zip it shut! The failed layer can be returned to us for a foam credit, and we recycle the old layer into carpet padding and donated to Habitat for Humanity… completing the cycle and keeping your mattress out of landfills.