When shopping for mattresses, there are typically two categories, foam and coil spring. Often we are asked which type of support is best, and that answer is… it depends on what you need. Both are great forms of support, but it comes down to what you looking for in your mattress, as both have pros and cons.

An overview

First thing is understanding the composition of a mattress. Both a coil spring and foam mattress contain foam, but the difference in naming comes from the base. A foam mattress has a foam core and the level of support is determined by the density of the foam. A coil spring mattress has a base made from (usually) individually pocketed coils, and the higher number of coils is typically associated to a firmer mattress. In both mattresses, additional layers, or comfort layers, are added on top of the springs or foam core.

Coil Spring Mattresses

Coil spring mattresses are generally assumed to be firmer, however, this may not necessarily be true depending on the other components of the mattress and the gauge of wire used for the coil. Widely popular, the biggest benefit of the coil-spring mattress is the amount of options available in the market as there are a wide variety of products to choose from.  Downsides to coil spring mattresses can include less pressure point reduction and increased motion transfer, which is where the foam mattress excels.

Foam Mattresses

Foam mattresses, while not as common as the traditional coil spring mattress, are quickly gaining popularity. Foam mattresses have little to no motion transfer and form to the body better than traditional coil spring mattresses, which helps with the reduction of pressure points on the body. Foam mattresses may be comprised of just one or a combination of a few types of foam. The more combinations the deeper or more luxurious the feel of the mattress.

Support Vs. Comfort layers Ultimately, both types of mattresses are good options and both are widely used across the industry. The overall feel of the mattress is determined by the types of foams used in the comfort layers, but it helps to know the number of coils or foam density affect the overall support in the mattress that you purchase.