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Our mattresses are built to last a minimum of 12 years. Over time you may need changes to your mattress. The same way our body changes over time, our support needs change too. You can change out every part of the mattress as the aging continues, thus never having to buy a whole mattress again. If any new products are released, our customers will have access to them as the years progress.

What do I do with my old mattress?

The best why to get rid of your old bed is to donate it. The are 2nd hand furniture places around the US whom give mattresses to families in need. If your mattress is not denotable the best thing to do is search for a mattress recycler in your local area. 

Big mattress brands must mean better?

Big mattress brands build mattresses with junk-like fiber fill. Fiber fill can be found in decorative or inexpensive pillows, it was never designed to support. Fiber fill gives a mattress a great feel but the feel fades fast. Quick to follow in a mattress that contains fiber fill is a sag. This sag is common within just 6 months of purchasing a bed with fiber fill. Think you are safe under your warranty? Wrong. The warranty won’t save you because the level of sag may only appear as a 1/2" without any weight on the bed. A 1/2" of visible sag will result in a significant loss of support, which causes dull lower back pain. Big brands only care about winning the initial feel test on a sales floor or in a in-home trial. Big mattress brands really mean less longevity and more junk-like components with a pretty cover. Big mattress brands also mean more mark up, more middle men, and a warranty not worth the paper it’s printed on. At JUNA, we hand-make our beds with the best foams to outlast the competition and provide you with great support with a long term value.

How will the Juna mattress arrive?

Our mattress are currently shipped out true to size not in a box. We cover the cost of the shipping and choose the best carrier for you. 

How does a return get handled?

The mattress we create are designed to work for everyone. Some times a customer is coming from a mattress with poor support and when they upgrade the body needs time to adjust. We want you to be a satisfied customer we ask that you wait 2 weeks before making a change to the feeling of the mattress, we also ask that our customer try the bed for 45 days before making a return and allow us to help you if a change in feel should be needed. After we have tried to customize the feel, if the bed still won't work for your needs we will arrange for a return. Returned beds get donated to a person in need. Every customer is given a 120 night trial and there is no restocking fee associated with our returns. 

Who pays for the shipping on a returned product?

Well we pay to get the mattress to you. The customer is responsible for any shipping cost on a returned bed. 

12 year warranty and a Lifetime Comfort Commitment, whats the difference?

Well the warranty covers any defects if there should be any. The lifetime comfort commitment ensures the satisfaction of all our customers, all the time even past the warranty. If a customer would like to make a change to the feeling of the mattress firmer, softer, less or more sink we have the answers to any feel a person should want. We can advise you on what upgrades are available and how to make the change. We prefer to talk to our customers directly to resolves any comfort preference. Please feel free to call us at any point in time. (605)553-1604

Is firmer always better?

Just because a mattress is firmer does not make it more supportive. In fact, the more firm the mattress, the worse it is for restless sleepers. Here at JUNA, we use the most supportive foams in the industry. The perfect combination of foams deliver an enjoyable firmness, excellent support and amazing pressure point relief.

Can too much Gel foam / Memory foam be a bad thing?

Yes, Gel foam and Memory foam are great for pressure point relief, but too much can cause the user to heat up. Our studies have shown that to use any more than 2” of Gel or Memory foam is bad because the user sinks too far into the mattress, thus pulling the back out of alignment. The most common phrase from a person trying a memory foam mattress is, “It sleeps hot and I feel like I wake up in a hole.”

Why do mattresses fail in a short time and what makes Juna Different?

Most mattresses use a polyurethane foam in them to create a soft feeling. This is one of the cheapest parts inside a mattress and usually uses a density of less the 1.8 lbs. The Juna mattress avoids using a  traditional polyurethane foam and instead uses both organic latex and Energex to achieve a soft yet supportive feel. Every foam in a Juna mattress uses at least a density of 2.4 lbs, the denser the foam the better it holds up over time. Plus each material was independently  tested the result is you should get 15 years out of our gel foam, 20 years out of our Energex and 25 years out of our latex. Still we decided it was better to under promise and over delivery so only put a 12 year warranty on the Juna mattress.