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How long will my Juna mattress last?

The Juna mattress is built to last a minimum of 12 years, which is why we offer a full 12-year warranty on every bed. However, your mattress should last even longer — which is why we offer our exclusive Lifetime Comfort Commitment.

As our bodies change over time, our support needs (and the product offerings available) change, too. So shouldn't your mattress change with them?

When you buy a Juna mattress, you're buying the freedom to make changes to your mattress as often as you'd like — for life. Whether your mattress has started to show wear, a new material has been released, or you simply desire a change in firmness, all you have to do is request a new part, and we'll swap it out ASAP.

This means your Juna mattress essentially lasts a lifetime!

What should I do with my old mattress?

Donate it! There are secondhand furniture places all across the U.S. that provide pre-owned mattresses to families in need.

If your mattress is not donatable, the next-best thing you can do is search for a mattress recycler in your local area. You should never have to send your mattress to a landfill!

Bigger mattress brands must be better, right?

Not exactly. In our experience, bigger mattress brands tend to build worse-quality beds. That's because they use a cheap fiber fill (like the type you'd find in a decorative pillow), which isn't actually designed to support your body. It might feel good at first . . . but that good feeling fades fast.

After about just six months of owning a mattress with fiber fill, you'll start to notice your bed sagging. And after about a half-inch of visible sag, you'll start to notice your bed losing support — and your lower back gaining aches and pains. But warranties typically don't even cover this type of failure, so you're stuck with what you've got.

Not only do bigger brands fail faster, they also cost more up-front. Generally speaking, the bigger the brand, the bigger the markup. You pay for that brand recognition (and those extra middle men).

At Juna, we do things differently. We handmake our beds in our factory right here in South Dakota, so we're able to charge less. We also use higher-quality foams to outlast the competition and provide you with great support, great warranty, and great long-term value.

We might be small, but our mattresses are mighty!

How will my Juna mattress arrive?

Our mattress are shipped out true to size, not in a box. We cover the cost of the shipping and choose the best carrier for you. 

How do you handle returns?

We designed the Juna mattress to work for everyone. We're so confident you'll love it that we offer a risk-free, in-home trial for 120 nights after purchasing your mattress. 

It takes a while for your body to adjust to a new bed, so we ask that you wait two weeks before making any changes to your Juna mattress and 45 days before returning it. Remember, you can always reorder the layers using our ZIP&FLIP system or request new materials using our Lifetime Comfort Commitment. Make your mattress yours!

If you've tried making changes and still aren't in love with your Juna mattress after 45 days, you may return it for a full refund within 120 nights of buying your mattress. We charge no restocking fees — you simply pay the cost of return shipping, and we will cover the rest. We'll even arrange for your returned mattress to be donated to someone in need.

Who pays for the shipping on a returned product?

We always provide free shipping to your door. If you decide to return your Juna mattress, all we ask is that you pay the return shipping cost. We'll take care of the rest!

You say you offer a "12-year warranty" and a "Lifetime Comfort Commitment." What's the difference?

Our 12-year warranty fully covers the cost of replacing any defective materials you may encounter during the first 12 years of owning your Juna mattress.

Our Lifetime Comfort Commitment extends beyond the warranty to ensure the complete satisfaction of all our customers, all the time. If you want to make your mattress firmer, softer, or something in between, simply request a change, and we'll take care of it for you. We can even advise you on what available upgrades might be a good fit for you. Just ask!

Is a firmer mattress always better?

Simply put, no. A firmer mattress does not mean a more supportive mattress. In fact, the firmer the mattress, the worse it is for restless sleepers.

Here at Juna, we use the highest-quality foams in the industry for an even, supremely comfortable firmness. Our perfect combination of materials provides excellent support and amazing pressure point relief for all types of sleepers.

Can too much gel foam or memory foam be a bad thing?

Yes. While gel foam and memory foam are great at relieving pressure points, too much of either can cause you to heat up. The most common complaint we hear from people trying a memory foam mattress is: “It sleeps hot, and I feel like I wake up in a hole.”

Our studies have shown that anything greater than 2" of gel or memory foam causes you to sink too far into the mattress, thus pulling your back out of alignment.

We've come up with the perfect combination of gel, latex, and memory foams for the Juna mattress. Our main goal is to keep you cool, comfortable, and supported all night long.

Why do most mattresses fail in such a short time? What makes Juna different?

Most mattresses use a polyurethane foam to create a "soft" feeling — but it's actually one of the cheapest parts available. And at a density of just 1.8 lbs. or less, polyurethane foam wears out incredibly fast. (The denser the foam, the better it holds up over time.)

Instead of traditional polyurethane, the Juna mattress uses both organic latex and Energex foam to achieve a soft yet supportive feel. Every foam in the Juna mattress uses a density of at least 2.4 lbs. — meaning it will maintain its shape for the long run.

Plus, each material in the Juna mattress was independently tested for longevity. According to these tests, you should get at least 15 years out of our gel foam, 20 years out of our Energex™ foam, and 25 years out of our latex.

Remember, we offer a full 12-year warranty on all our mattresses — but with our Lifetime Comfort Commitment, our coverage lasts far longer than that.