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The Last Mattress You Ever have to buy

While our mattress are made to the level of firmness most will enjoy, preferences may vary. We have made our products with you in mind. We took the time to listen and here's what we found; we are not all built the same, because of this, we made our systems easy to personalize. Any change can be done in a matter of minutes! Some of our fixes won't cost you anything. Other fixes are only the cost of materials with shipping included. If there is ever a need, our Comfort Technicians are standing by to make sure you are well taken care of. With JUNA, our customer service lasts a LIFETIME.

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  • Must use the JUNA product for 14 days before we can exercise the Comfort Commitment. This ensures we change the product the right way the first time.
  • Customer shall only pay for the cost of materials. Shipping is free if the customer lives within the USA.
  • The JUNA Lifetime Comfort Commitment will be available as long as you own the JUNA product.
  • Must give our product a chance, no returns will be excepted unless the customer has excised the Lifetime Comfort Commitment at least once. Must also keep the product for at least 45 days before a return can be processed. 
  • No limit to the amount of changes the can be done with our products. 

The Juna Promise

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We guarantee you will love the JUNA Sleep Systems so much we want you to try it out for a 120 nights risk free. If our product doesn’t work for you, send it back for a full refund. Experts say in order to get the full effect your body takes 30 days to adjust to a new support system. Keep in mind that our product is customizable and any mattress troubles can be a thing of the past. You can even change the firmness to one side of the mattress or the whole thing if need be. Let us know if you need any additional support We care about the way you sleep. Let us help you.


JUNA uses the strongest materials available. Our sleep systems are built to last the test of time. Each material inside the Juna Mattress is built to last longer than the given warranty but if one of the  should fail within the 12 year warranty let us replace it at our cost not yours. A sign of premature failure would be a body impression of 1" or greater. If there should ever be something you don't like about the feeling of your Juna Mattress weather it's within the warranty or not we still provide great customer service. Feel free to exercise your Lifetime Comfort Commitment at any time.