Help us impact the world.

Change is hard. Unless, that is, you're changing the world.

We feel strongly about giving back to our community. After all, it's our shared efforts to make an impact — whether big or small — that make our world a better place.

That's why we've created a series of programs here at Juna to do just that. By providing work opportunities for our neighbors in need, supporting local nonprofits, and donating or recycling returned mattresses, we truly are trying to grow a stronger tomorrow.

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The way we see it, businesses should be about more than simply turning a profit.

At Juna, we feel responsible — blessed, even — to share a portion of our proceeds with those in need.

We aim to help grow a stronger tomorrow in three main ways: by employing people who could use a fresh start, by supporting different nonprofits in our community, and by being responsible with our mattresses — both environmentally and socially.

How exactly do we do that? Through our Hand-Up Program, our One Thing Program, and our national mattress donation network.

In all these programs, we seek to make our world a better place — one bed at a time.

Hand-Up Program

Giving a hand up — not a handout

Life can be hard. Sometimes, you just need a fresh start — but you don't know where to find it.

Our Hand-Up Program provides jobs to those who may have been considered "unemployable" by the rest of the workforce, but who are still eager to work.

By pairing these people with senior mentors who show them the Juna ropes (and quality-check their work), we offer them a helpful hand up, not a useless handout.

If you or someone you know could benefit from the Hand-Up Program, apply to join our team today!

Apply for the Hand-Up Program

Helping Community

Supporting one thing, every month

With so many fantastic local organizations to support, how do you pick just one?

Answer: you don't.

Inspired by a church-led drive here in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, we've committed to support one thing each month. We call it (aptly) our One Thing Program.

Every month, we donate a portion of our earnings to a different nonprofit in our community. That means whenever you purchase from Juna, you're helping someone in need in the Sioux Falls area.

If you have an organization you'd like us to partner with, please let us know!

Submit Your Organization

Giving Back

Donating to people, not landfills

Most mattress companies try to re-sell their returned mattresses — or worse, just send them straight to a landfill.

We decided to think differently about our returns. We've built a national network of charitable organizations, moving companies, and logistics partners to put our returned mattresses into the homes of less fortunate people.

Even the individual layers of our beds never have to be thrown away. If any part of your mattress fails, we'll turn it into carpet padding for Habitat for Humanity, and we'll ship you a new part for free.

If you'd like to request a returned mattress for someone in need, please email us.

Request a Donation

Hand Crafted in U.S.A

Made In America

We hand craft our products right here in the US of A. Located in the heart of the prairie we want to give back to our local community and make sure people are put to work!

The Last Mattress You Ever Have to Buy

We want you to get the most out of our products, so you can easily change out parts whenever you would like. Additional inserts can be added to further personalize your comfort.

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The Juna Promise

We support our products with a 120-night risk-free trial, free return policy, and 12-year warranty.

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