The last mattress you ever have to buy

We want you to get the most out of our products so you can easily change out parts whenever you would like. Additional inserts can be added to further personalize your comfort.


If you got a flat tire, you wouldn’t replace your entire car, would you?
Of course not! So why would you do the same thing with your mattress?

Americans dump 30 million mattresses into our landfills each year. Together, those mattresses take up 9 trillion square feet of space. That’s enough to cover all of New York City!

At Juna, we want to reduce this astronomical waste by giving you a mattress that not only lasts longer, but also adapts to fit your needs as you — and your mattress — get older. Here’s how.


Consumers spend an average of $2,000 on a new mattress — yet the average life expectancy of that mattress is only 3 to 7 years. That’s a lot of money for a little amount of time.

We do things differently at Juna. Our mattresses are built to last a lifetime.

Not only is the Juna mattress rated to last at least 18 years, it also comes with our Lifetime Comfort Commitment. That means even after the 18-year warranty has passed, we’ll gladly add or replace parts to suit your needs.

Whether you need a replacement part or you simply desire a change in firmness, you can personalize your Juna mattress, however — and whenever — you want. Every layer of our bed can be refreshed.

Simply submit your request for any part at any time, and our expert technicians are on the job. Often, you won’t have to pay a thing; in other cases, you just need to cover the cost of materials. As always, we provide free shipping in the U.S.

New parts often take as little as 5 minutes to install. It’s as easy as changing your sheets!

With our Lifetime Comfort Commitment, you never have to buy a whole a new mattress again just replace parts over time with the latest and greatest in materials.

It’s one more reason why the Juna mattress is truly the last mattress you’ll ever have to buy.


You can personalize your Juna mattress to fit your exact needs.
You can change anything, at the time through our ZIP&FLIP system.

  • Soft
  • Plush
  • Medium
  • Firm


It takes less than a minute to customize your mattress to the way you like to sleep.


  • You must use the Juna product for 14 days before we can exercise the Lifetime Comfort Commitment.
  • All you need to pay is the cost of materials (if that).
  • Shipping is free if you live in the U.S.
  • You can exercise the Lifetime Comfort Commitment as long as you own he Juna product.
  • Returns will be accepted only if you have exercised the Lifetime Comfort Commitment at least once and have kept the product for at least 45 days.
  • You can exercise the Lifetime Comfort Commitment as many times as you want.
    If you have any questions please consult the FAQ or CONTACT US. We’re happy to help!



We guarantee you will love the Juna Sleep System so much, we want you to try it out for 120 nights — completely risk-free. If our product doesn’t work for you, simply send it back for a full refund.

Experts say that in order to get the full effect of a new mattress, your body needs 30 days to adjust. We’re so confident in our system, we’re offering you four times that number of nights.

Keep in mind that the Juna mattress is fully customizable, so if something doesn’t feel quite right, you can fix it — for free. You can even change just one side of the mattress if you and your partner prefer different firmness levels.

So go on, give us a try. A free, no-commitment, four-month-long try.

You won’t regret it!


The Juna mattress is built to last a lifetime. We use the strongest materials on the market to help your mattress stand the test of time.

But if our product does wear out early, that should be our problem, not yours.

That’s why we offer a full 18-year warranty on each Juna mattress. If you notice premature failure (a body impression of 1″ or greater) within the first 18 years of owning your mattress, we’ll replace the material at no cost to you.

And that’s just the beginning. Beyond the 18-year warranty period, we’ll still make changes to your mattress with our Lifetime Comfort Commitment, which you can exercise at any time.

So between our 120-night trial, 18-year warranty, and Lifetime Comfort Commitment, you’ll be able to keep your Juna mattress for life.


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