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Our most luxurious mattress available — at the perfect price point.

Mattress #5 was designed for those who love their sleep. Featuring an eco-friendly collection of our highest-quality foams — combined with our patented micro coils, infinity edge, and ultra-dense, 3-zoned support core — this is our best mattress on the market.

A bed like this deserves an $8,000 price tag, but we set a fair price. Trust us — for incredible support, pressure-point relief, and your best rest ever . . . it's worth it.

  • 120-Night Trial
    120-Night Trial
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    Free Shipping
  • USA Made
    USA Made
76" X 15" X 80
60" X 15" X 80
76" X 15" X 80
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$2,177 $1,977 $2,077

The Juna Recipe

Mat7 Fabric
Juna Fabric
Mat7 Latex
2" Organic Latex
1.5" Graphite Gel Foam
2.5" Energex™ Foam
Lumbar Support Pad
Mat7 Coils
Micro Quad Coils
6" Support Core

Juna Fabric

The #5 mattress is wrapped in a breathable fabric that is copper infused, cool to the touch, washable, and easy to zip on and off.

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It takes less than a minute to customize your mattress to you way you like to sleep.

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3 Great Feels. 1 Incredible Mattress.

Latex Foam
Graphite Foam
Energex Foam
Base Foam

You can personalize your Juna mattress to fit your exact needs. You can change anything, at the time through our ZIP&FLIP system.

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Latex vs Gel


1. Enjoy Cool, Fresh Sleep All Night Long

Do you have trouble falling — or staying — asleep? The Juna Sleep System is built to give you the same support in the first 9 seconds of sleep as the next 9 hours of rest.

To do that, we use our innovative 6th-generation graphite gel foam. The graphite infusion draws away any excess heat channeling through our organic latex, which is the most breathable foam on the market. Our Energex™ foam also sucks in any extra heat, making your mattress more buoyant in the process.


2. Ditch That "Sinking Feeling"

No one likes to wake up hot and sweaty, feeling like they're sinking in their own bed. Yet most memory foam mattresses cause you to do just that.

At Juna, we only use the best gel foams on the market. We hand-picked these support foams — including organic latex, graphite gel foam, and Energex™ — to provide a way for heat to escape while keeping you buoyant. This combination of all seven luxury layers gives you the perfect balance of contour, support, and pressure point relief. No more "sinking feeling"!

Bounce Large

3. Get Great Bounce (And Don't Bug Your Partner)

Raise your hand if you hate feeling your partner toss and turn during the night. Join the club! That's why we designed our 1.5" graphite gel foam specifically to eliminate partner disturbance. Our organic latex and Energex™ foam are also built to reduce partner disturbance, while the micro quad coils also give you a bit more bounce.

Remember, you can choose where to place your gel foams, and you can always relayer them at any point if you prefer a different feel. That's the beauty of the Juna Sleep System!

The Last Mattress You Ever Have to Buy

We want you to get the most out of our products, so you can easily change out parts whenever you would like. Additional inserts can be added to further personalize your comfort.

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The Juna Promise

We support our products with a 120-night risk-free trial, free return policy, and 12-year warranty.

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