In today’s day and age, we are connected at all times… which rings true as this is being written from the couch on a laptop, while watching Netflix, and checking our phones. It’s incredibly tempting to send another snap, check Instagram, and check our news feed just one more time before bed, and we have all squeezed in just one more Netflix episode on a binge watching spree, so it’s no surprise that technology is often the last thing we see at night… butt the light from this tech could be slowly killing you.

Say what?

It’s become common knowledge that the blue light emitted by technology can be detrimental to your sleep by suppressing the amount of melatonin (the hormone in our bodies that anticipates darkness, and therefore, sleep), but research has gone a step further to show that chronic suppression of melatonin has been associated with increased of certain cancers according to neuroscientist Dr. Anne-Marie Chang in Huffington Post.

Pick up that paperback

Sleep deficiency has been linked to a myriad of health issues, such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Never before has there been a better reason to crawl into bed and pick up the old paperback before calling it a night. If you do use your phone or tablet, check out options for blue light filters, such as Night Shift, which is available on iOS 9.3 and Andriod. Soon the only trick will be to put the book down and get some sleep!