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The Juna Mattress

Handcrafted with Quality Materials and Care

Tailored fit to you.

When it comes to mattress comfort, there is no one size fits all. Ideal mattress firmness varies person to person and we’re here to ensure your mattress is perfect for you. Our in-store experts will guide you so you can feel truly confident you’ve purchased the right mattress – no guessing from online descriptions.

Whether you want to feel like you’re sleeping on a pile of cloud-filled pillows or the next best thing to the floor, we help you find the perfect firmness or plushness of your mattress.
Whether you want to feel like you’re sleeping on a pile of cloud-filled pillows or the next best thing to the floor, we help you find the perfect firmness or plushness of your mattress.
Whether you want to feel like you’re sleeping on a pile of cloud-filled pillows or the next best thing to the floor, we help you find the perfect firmness or plushness of your mattress.
Whether you want to feel like you’re sleeping on a pile of cloud-filled pillows or the next best thing to the floor, we help you find the perfect firmness or plushness of your mattress.
The Juna Lifetime Comfort Commitment

Endlessly customizable -
even after purchase.

Whether you desire a change in firmness, or need a replacement part, we can customize your Juna mattress, however — and whenever — you want. This means that as layers wear out over time, or as your body changes, our expert technicians will come to your house and adjust the feel of your mattress, at no service charge.

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Juna Perks

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Free Mattress Protector

Free White Glove Delivery & Removal

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The Juna Lorem

Handcrafted with
Love right here
in the midwest

It might sound corny, but baking a cake with love just tastes better. At Juna, we build each and every mattress with love. We love our customers, and we use our 30-plus years of combined mattress knowledge to serve our clients. For us, the customer is everything! No task is too small or too tall; we always find a way to make our clients’ lives better.

Micro Tencel Fabric

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Natural Talalay Latex

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8th Generation Memory Foam

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HDX Foam

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Micro Pocket Coil

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High-Density Support Core

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The Juna Ingredients

We only use
the best
quality material.

At Juna, we use micro Tencel fabric as the top layer of each mattress. This allows for breathability, exquisite softness, and lightness, offering long-lasting natural comfort.

Energex Temperature Responsive Foam is a highly adaptive, durable, and breathable foam specifically designed to energize in response to body heat. This provides a livelier alternative to the slow-recovery Advanced Memory Foam technology.

Talalay latex, not synthetic latex, has been referred to as “the most perfect sleep material on Earth.” Latex is one of the most durable and supportive foams on the face of the planet. Our latex is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant.

Juna only uses open-cell memory foam. This allows for much better breathability and response time. This is great for reducing motion transfer and aiding in pressure point relief.

Our HDX foam is an even higher-density form of Energex. Providing optimal support and pressure point relief without causing any added heat.

Our micro pocket coil was chosen for optimal support along with durability. With over 1700 individually pocketed coils with a firmer perimeter edge, you get the contouring your body needs without motion transfer.

A supportive mattress starts from the ground up. We don’t cut corners when sourcing the absolute best for our clients, and this core is no exception. We use a higher grade than anyone in the industry.


Natural Latex

Reduce Waste

Zero Off Gassing

The Juna HBed

With the Juna H-Bed, couples no longer have to choose between personalized comfort and shared closeness – they can have both.

Personalized Comfort Without Compromise: While each side can be tailored to individual preferences, the Juna H-Bed ensures the central region remains soft and cozy.

Perfect Cuddle Zone: The unique design promotes intimacy by providing a seamless transition between the two sides, making it ideal for couples who enjoy close contact.

Best of Both Worlds: Get the benefit of customization without sacrificing the unified feel of a traditional mattress.

Innovative Design: The Juna H-Bed addresses a common complaint, showcasing the brand’s commitment to thoughtful and user-centric solutions.

Sleep Essentials

Experience the full Juna Sleep System.

Jessica Baltazar
Jessica Baltazar
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We now have 3 Juna beds and we love them all! We bought our first when I was 7 months pregnant and when my body needs changed after delivery, they happily came and adjusted the bed. We are extremely pleased with our mattresses and the customer service.
Courtney Nelson
Courtney Nelson
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HIGHLY RECOMMEND Juna - not only for the amazing beds but their top notch customer service!! Brian (our salesperson) was super helpful and informative and the two gentleman who delivered our bed (Josh and Steven) were SO nice and took the time to explain the bed to us and how to take care of it. The whole experience from start to finish was amazing and I can’t recommend them enough!!
Why we are an

In Store

You can not feel a mattress through a screen. You will make a better and more informed decision in a store where you are able to ask questions during the sales process. Our process is Risk-Free, and our staff is eager to serve, not sell.


You have questions; we have the answers. Please text us or call us, and we can answer any questions you may have.
(605) 553-1604


Yes. While gel foam and memory foam are great at relieving pressure points, too much of either can cause you to heat up. The most common complaint we hear from people trying a memory foam mattress is: “It sleeps hot, and I feel like I wake up in a hole.”

Our studies have shown that anything greater than 2″ of gel or memory foam causes you to sink too far into the mattress, thus pulling your back out of alignment.

We’ve come up with the perfect combination of gel, latex, and memory foams for the Juna mattress. Our main goal is to keep you cool, comfortable, and supported all night long.


Simply put, no. A firmer mattress does not mean a more supportive mattress. In fact, the firmer the mattress, the worse it is for restless sleepers.

Here at Juna, we use the highest-quality foams in the industry for an even, supremely comfortable firmness. Our perfect combination of materials provides excellent support and amazing pressure point relief for all types of sleepers.


Let Juna take care of it! We’ll take your old mattress free of charge! We then will donate your old mattress to a local charity. If your mattress is not donatable, we’ll take it to a recycler. You should never send your mattress to a landfill!


Not exactly. In our experience, bigger mattress brands tend to build worse-quality beds. That’s because they use a cheap fiber fill (like the type you’d find in a decorative pillow), which isn’t actually designed to support your body. It might feel good at first . . . but that good feeling fades fast.

After about just six months of owning a mattress with fiber fill, you’ll start to notice your bed sagging. And after about a half-inch of visible sag, you’ll start to notice your bed losing support — and your lower back gaining aches and pains. But warranties typically don’t even cover this type of failure, so you’re stuck with what you’ve got.

Not only do bigger brands fail faster, they also cost more up-front. Generally speaking, the bigger the brand, the bigger the markup. You pay for that brand recognition (and those extra middle men).

At Juna, we do things differently. We handmake our beds in our factory right here in South Dakota, so we’re able to charge less. We also use higher-quality foams to outlast the competition and provide you with great support, great warranty, and great long-term value.

We might be small, but our mattresses are mighty!


If you live within 100 miles of one of our Juna stores we perform a white glove delivery at no cost to our client. We do all the heavy lifting for you and set up the mattress in the room of your choosing and can even move your existing mattress to a different area of the home. Removal of an old mattress from the home does cost extra because the mattress recyclers charge us for the drop off of an old mattress.

If outside the 100-mile delivery zone our team of Juna Mattress Nerds will work to find the best carrier to ship you your Juna Mattress no matter where you live. We can price out and palletize the mattress at no extra charge. Any fees the carriers charge for shipping will be billed to the customer. Our mattresses are shipped out true to size, not in a box. Normally it takes 24 to 72  hours to find the best carrier, we then present the information back to our client.  Currently, we have Juna Mattresses in over 38 states including Hawaii and Canada. We hope to earn your business too please give us a call to discuss (605)553-1604

0% Interest Financing

Sleep now,
Pay over time

Don’t pay extra to sleep your best. Juna Financing through Wells Fargo offers payment plans at 0% interest for 36 months. Flexible terms give you the freedom to choose what’s right for your budget so you can sleep better now. Start sleeping on a Juna for as low as $52/mo.

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